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In today’s business scenario, running a business successfully can be a daunting task. This article throws light on few business ideas which one can start with a small investment and scale up as the business grows:

Small Business Ideas In Kolkata

1. Event management business:

The event management business is one such business, which can fetch you a handsome amount of money. Event management business needs good business acumen and an eye for perfection. You have to be very thorough with details and should have a knack for anticipating the problems. But if done correctly, it becomes a very profitable business.

2. Property business:

Property business is another form of business that has been in existence for a long time now. This business also needs some investment as initial capital but will yield significant returns from rentals or sales after a few years. Property business is always considered a good investment by investors without any hassle attached to it. The main thing required for this business is patience and perseverance. It also needs advertisement along with proper management skills so that business can flourish day by day.

3. Placement business:

Placement business too needs some investment, but the returns are much more than what you have invested in this business. From placement business, one can make in lakhs if appropriately done without any shortcoming in delivery of services. It offers excellent scope to do business all across India or abroad as well.

4. Marriage bureaus business:

Marriage bureaus business is considered a good source of income when people cannot find the right match for themselves. Since marriage is an auspicious event in everybody’s life, everyone wishes for an excellent game for their children/ parents/ relatives, etc. This profession will bring a smile to your client’s face and money into your pocket. This business, too, needs small investment and can do good business once started.

5. Pet grooming and boarding business:

If you love pets, this profession will surely be a pleasant surprise for you. People nowadays take more interest in caring for and maintaining their pets; hence there is always scope of growth in the pet grooming and boarding business across India or abroad. You need to invest a little bit into starting the premise, then all other things like equipment, etc., will fall into place very quickly, giving great returns at the end. So if you love animals, this profession is made for you.

6. Event decoration service:

Event decoration service needs small capital and small space to start your venture but gives vast profits. It is not a new profession as event decoration service has been in existence for a long time now. The demand for such services is high, as this business brings life to events and gives an extra punch to the persona lampooned on those occasions.

7. cake designing and baking business:

The cake designing and baking business requires a small investment but can make huge profits like any other small-scale business. It becomes a very profitable small-scale business that people love to patronize if done correctly and with perfection. This is another small venture that needs small space and a small amount of initial capital; then, it will bring significant returns, giving you more than what you have invested in this small venture. So next time, if you feel like decorating your small occasion with small cakes, think of this small business and try it out.

8. Grocery Store:

If you have a small area for business, try out the grocery store. The main thing required for this business is storage space and workforce, but it becomes a very profitable small business if done correctly. The grocery store is one of India’s oldest professions since people used to buy all day-to-day groceries from local stores. This profession provides a great scope to work independently or with a team.

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9. Photography business:

The photography business is another good profession for people who have an eye for photography and know how to click perfect pictures. This profession requires some initial capital plus photography equipment, but it can be rewarding in terms of both income and appreciation from your client’s side.

10. Fashion designing:

Fashion designing is another good profession where you can work for yourself or with a team at your convenience and comfort zone. This business requires an initial investment in space, equipment, etc., but it is very rewarding and fruitful if done correctly. This profession also has great scope in terms of employment generation, which will undoubtedly help it grow.

11. Spa service:

The spa service is another very profitable small business idea that can be started with little capital and small infrastructure. This profession needs only a few types of equipment like basins for baths, etc., but it can become really rewarding in terms of money and appreciation from your client’s side if done correctly. This can be a great source of income for you if you have the required expertise.

12. Interior decoration service:

Interior decoration is another profession where you can work with a team or independently in your comfort zone where all the requirements like space, equipment, etc., are easily available. This profession provides excellent scope for employment generation and a good income source, but the primary condition is that you should have some basic knowledge in interior designing to run this profession successfully.

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13. Manufacturing of Paper bags:

Paper bags are one of the oldest professions in India, where people used to buy all their grocery items wrapped in paper bags. This profession requires some initial investment but can give great returns if done correctly. It is one of the best small business ideas in Kolkata that has good scope for growth and employment generation.

14. Manufacturing Sports related items:

Sports items are a very lucrative area to work in. You can start this profession with a small capital, and within a small period, you can get great returns from your investments. It is one of the best small business ideas in Kolkata, which needs some investment but has good scope for growth and employment generation.

Online business ideas in Kolkata

15. Amazon Store:

The Amazon store is a modern method of selling and buying items. It can be very rewarding for you if you know how to work correctly in this profession. This profession provides plenty of scope for employment generation and growth, making it one of the best small business ideas in Kolkata for people looking for new methods to try their hands on.

16. Online tuitions for kids:

Online tuitions are one of the best professions nowadays through which you can make good money. It is a simple yet very effective way to earn money. You should have some basic knowledge about the subject you are willing to teach.


So these are some of the best small business ideas in Kolkata that you can try your hands on. All of them have great scope for growth as well as employment generation.

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