What Is the Average Cost of Advertising in a Magazine?

You can advertise your small-scale business in a magazine to help reach people who might be interested in your business. But, you may not have enough money for advertising on TV or online. Still, there are some other options like magazines and the internet that you can use so that people know about what you do.

In the end, your business will need to set up costs like advertising. You will need to buy an advertisement in a magazine for this. The cost of the advertising is determined by the size and color of the advertisement, the popularity of the magazine, and the location of the advertisement within the magazine.

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On a nationwide basis, WebFX costs an average of $250,000 for a full-page advertisement. It can cost between $500 and $397,800 for setup costs. You can lower the cost by running ads in local publications.

What Influences Magazine Advertising Pricing?

  • When you look into the cost of advertising in magazines for small businesses, you will find that different things affect the cost. These can include:
  • Ad size The cost of the ad is usually by the amount of space the ad is placed on; it could be a flat fee or dependent on column inches.
  • The ad’s location is where you can expect to be the highest price for the cover ad. Two-page spreads’ cost will follow, and you’d be paying less than half for a full-page advertisement. Commonly, the cheapest options for ads can range from one-third of a page to two-thirds of a page.
  • The magazine’s popularity is a popular choice for standard rates for advertising in international and national publications because it has a lot of readers. The rates for local magazines are lower because they have fewer readers, so the amount of ads is lower too.
  • Color of the advertisement: Magazines can think about whether you want to advertise in black-and-white or color. The size of the ad matters, too, as does where it will show up. If you look at Inc.’s prices for print ads, it is possible to pay more money for a color advertisement than a black-and-white one.
  • Cost of the magazine: Depending on what magazine you advertise, you will have to pay more or less. If the magazine is popular, you might have to pay a lot. But if it is not as popular, you will need to pay a little less money.
  • The number of times you put an advertisement in a magazine can affect how much it costs. Most of the time, you will pay a small amount each time you use your advertisement. But if you want to put in just one ad in the magazine, it will cost more.

Average Magazine Ad Setup Cost

To figure out the cost of magazine ads, you should consider how much it would cost to set up the ad and then find an editor. You will need to invest much time and effort into your advertisement before it becomes successful.

It can cost as little as $500 and $397,800 for a professionally designed advertisement. The cost varies according to whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It will be the most expensive to make a cover, full-page ad, or two-page spread in a national publication. You might be able to do an easier design of an ad in the local newspaper.

If you consider the price of your advertisement, make sure you know how much it will cost. It will cost money unless you are willing to use the same ad more than once or come to an agreement with the designer.

Average Magazine Price for Advertising

After you’ve written the advertisement, you must pay $250,000 to put it in a major magazine—but that price can be different for every publication. Every publication has a price list that says how much it will cost and what options.

For a better understanding of the way your costs differ depending on the publication, ad’s colors, and position, Take a look at some of the current examples of local and national magazine prices for advertising:

  • Bloomberg Businessweek: The publication includes international and North American editions. Ads in the international edition are cheaper than ads in the North America edition. If you want to buy an ad for your business, you can get it for $114,640 in the international edition or $105,160 in the North America edition. A second-cover spread will cost $286,650 in the international edition and $262.960 in the North American edition.
  • The magazine charges $67,000 for a black and white page up to $134,000. You can lower the price if you advertise with them six times. The price of a color ad is $105,000 for one page or $210,000 for the whole spread. If you advertise with them six times, this will be lowered to about 99,800 per page or 199,600 for the whole spread. Different prices depending on if it’s the cover.
  • To advertise in the U.S. edition of TIME, you can buy a one-third page for $77,600 and a whole page for $172,400.If you want your advertisement to be in colour, the fee will be more. You could also try to place an ad on the front cover! These ads range from $265,100 and up to around $357,900.
  • Look Local: This magazine in Florida is charged a fee for the number of people who live at the address where it is delivered. Depending on how many people it reaches, you can pay between 0.75 cents and 8 cents per person to advertise your business. Up to $41.67 will buy ads that reach 10,000 people!

Considering Cheaper Advertising Options

If the expense of advertising in magazines is out of your budget for a small-sized business, You have some less expensive options to promote your services and products. You can consider the following:

  • Flyers made of paper: If you want to use something like print advertising, make some flyers and give them to people in your area or mail them to people who would be interested in your business. You can also get newspapers with coupons for your business in their weekly issue.
  • YouTube and other websites like it will allow you to publish videos, ads, and more. These videos can be on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else. They are good for doing live streams too.
  • Instead of using a magazine or newspaper, you can advertise with email and social media. You can make an image for your website that people can share on social media sites. And if they visit your website, you can send them an ad in their email when they subscribe.
  • To increase your company’s visibility, you can use online advertising. There are several methods to do this. You can pay for advertisements on search engines and across other websites. You could also pay for business directories and blogs to talk about your company.
  • Participating in local events like festivals or sporting events can be a good way to share information about your business. You can also find sponsorships to gain more benefits.

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