Everything You Need to Know About Financing Your Laptop

While you can purchase a great laptop for a reasonable price, higher-end ones may quickly add up. Due to increased customer demand, several merchants provide financing solutions that make pricey laptops more accessible if payments are made over time.

But there is a catch when it comes to money. The following is a description of the benefits and drawbacks of financing a laptop, as well as the financing alternatives available from popular retailers.

The Positive

  • You do not have to pay a big amount to get a high-priced laptop.
  • It is unnecessary to depend on standard bank loans or credit card services.
  • Numerous stores offer 0% interest, prizes, flexible payment plans, and other advantages.
  • Upgrades to devices are sometimes included in financing arrangements.

The Negative

  • Financing is a dangerous endeavor; failure to make payment may result in a penalty and excessive interest rates.
  • Zero interest might harm a credit score: Financing via a merchant entails the establishment of a store credit card in your name for the full amount of the transaction. The shop exhausts your credit limit, therefore increasing your credit usage. The amount of money you spend on your credit card each month accounts for 30% of your credit score. While low payments are appealing, zero-interest debt is stagnant debt that may harm your credit score if left unpaid for more than a year. Financing is not just a free payment plan; you’re qualifying for a new line of credit, which means that a retailer’s rigorous credit check might damage your credit score. More damage is done if you repeatedly apply for new credit in a short period. Your credit report may be affected for up to two years if you don’t pay attention to these inquiries, which may lower your score in the first year. An account is opened for you to finance your purchase, which lowers your average age on your credit report. Your credit history duration factors for around 15% of your credit score. This implies that your credit score will suffer due to the new transaction being reported to the credit bureaus.
  • There are restrictions for persons without established credit or a stable source of income.
  • According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, promotional conditions are not always clear.

Services for Laptop Financing


Amazon offers special six- and twelve-month financing to consumers who use an amazon.com Store Card. Laptops priced above $149 qualify for interest-free financing for six months, while laptops priced over $599 qualify for zero interest if paid off within a year.

Financing is available on a limited number of Amazon-sold goods for 24 months. You will be charged interest (with a minimum penalty of $1.50) on any outstanding promotional balance if you do not pay it off by the due date on the promotional balance. Payments must be made monthly to qualify for these promos. The amazon.com Store Card has a variable annual percentage rate of 26.99 percent for non-promotional transactions and rejected promotions.


Apple offers a variety of financing options for businesses, education, and individuals. Each financing option has unique benefits, such as two-year device refreshes with AppleCare coverage for enterprises and flexible cost-sharing for institutions that include updates and third-party items.

Apple also provides users with a 6- to 24-month interest-free payback period on Barclays Apple Rewards Card purchases. Interest (14.99 to 27.99 variable percent APR) will be levied to the account if the amount is not cleared before the end of the promotional period. Additionally, Apple Financial Services provides unique financing solutions based on your budget and technology needs, such as deferred payment arrangements, trade-in, and recycling services.

The Best Buy

Best Buy provides storewide 6- and 12-month financing on laptops priced at $199 or $399. Interest is postponed on these promos until the promotional period expires.

Payment in full at the end of the financing term results in no interest being charged. However, if you do not, the accrued interest will be charged to your account at a rate ranging from 9 to 28.99 percent, depending on your creditworthiness. Minimum monthly payments must be made, but you will almost certainly need to pay more than the minimum indicated on your account to pay off the laptop without incurring interest entirely.


Dell offers a variety of financing alternatives for its several laptop brands and series, including Alienware, Inspiron, and XPS. Financing terms of 6 to 12 months are available on purchases exceeding $599 and $899, respectively. All promotional deals are interest-free if paid in full before the expiration date.

Promotional interest will be applied to your account at a variable rate of between 19.99 and 29.99 percent APR, if the amount is not paid in full before the promotion’s end date. For residents of the United States, Dell also provides Preferred Account financing via Web Bank at a rate of 3% of the new balance or $20 on a monthly billing statement.


HP offers a Premier Upgrade Program under which buyers may share the cost of an Envy or Specter laptop with Citizens One over 24 months at 0% APR. According to earlier agreements, the issuer of your credit card may charge interest or other penalties on late payments or outstanding balances.

After paying off your laptop within the offer time, you may upgrade to a new computer with the same financing conditions. Additionally, the application protects against unintentional harm, provides unrestricted access to specialized help, and facilitates setup and transfer. If you do not renew your membership after the 24-month period, you will lose access to HP Premier Support and damage coverage.


Lenovo offers laptop financing via WebBank and Swedish payment provider Klarna, which offers 12-month interest-free payment plans on purchases between $299 and $799 and a 9.99 percent annual percentage rate on sales beyond $799.

Late and returned payment fines range from $15 to $35, depending on the severity of the late payment and the outstanding amount. However, non-promotional purchases are subject to the normal annual percentage rate of 19.99 percent (no less than $2 in interest per month), which also applies to business customers. Additionally, for those who qualify, Klarna offers automatic credit line upgrades.


Microsoft is another large company that has partnered with Klarna to launch the new Surface Plus program, which offers buyers 24-month financing at 0% APR on all Surface devices. Late payments are subject to a 19.99 percent interest penalty plus a $35 fee.

Consumers may purchase a Surface device beginning at $34 per month via Surface Plus, including customized support and 18-month upgrades. LiftForward funds a more costly Surface Plus for Business programme, which provides payment cycles of 18-, 24-, or 30-months with upgrade choices after 12 and 18 months. LiftForward also finances Surface Plus for Business. Additionally, Microsoft offers a flexible Surface as a Service lease program and various financing options via third-party partners.


With the Newegg Store Credit Card, you may apply for storewide financing on your chosen laptop. No interest is charged on purchases between $199 and $498.99 that are paid in full within six months, or on purchases above $499 that are paid in full within twelve months.

On some purchases, Newegg offers interest-free financing for up to 18 months, 24 months, or 36 months on selected items. If you do not pay off your debt after the campaign, you will be charged interest at a rate of 29.99 percent APR (minimum $2) on the accrued interest from the purchase date. Monthly payments must be made to maintain your chosen offer, and additional payments may be required to pay off the debt during the promotional term.


Financing options are available for Origin Origin’s EON gaming and professional-grade (NT, NS, N7) laptops. With a fixed APR of 16.99 percent or a variable APR based on creditworthiness, Origin makes high-end laptops affordable to low-income Americans via GetFinancing.

Payment terms are determined by participating GetFinancing lenders depending on the amount of credit extended, the availability of credit limits, the calculated interest rate, the grace period, and the balance. Additionally, the lender determines other costs, such as yearly membership fees, late payment, over-the-limit, returned and rejected checks, and others.


Financing may be advantageous, but only if you are sure of your ability to pay the sum in full on time. If you make a mistake, you may face significant penalties, interest, and possible harm to your credit score. If you’re skilled at organizing payments, budgeting, and appreciating the extra conveniences shops provide, financing may be well worth the effort, particularly when 0% interest is involved.

Additionally, you must decide on the kind of laptop you’re purchasing and if you’re prepared to change after a year or two, which sometimes requires a new finance plan or cash payment. If you’re going to finance, thoroughly, study your conditions before committing to anything. It may keep you from succumbing to the “buy now, pay later” mentality.

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