What does Ear Stand for in Finance?

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If you’re looking for new stock to invest in, then Ear Stand is the right one for you. Ear Stand offers you a way to make money by purchasing and selling stocks on the exchange.

To start Ear Stand, you will need to sign up with an account at Stockpile. Stockpile is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell shares of private companies and publicly traded companies. Ear Stand is one of the many private companies users can invest in through Stockpile.

The minimum investment for trade on Ear Stand is $1,000, and you will receive 10% cashback with your transaction by using off-exchange shares to complete transactions or reinvesting your dividends, so the percent decreases over time (earnings). Ear Stand has been offering its services since 2013, but it recently began pairing up partners with hosting platforms like Stockpile in May 2016.

What is Ear Stand?

Ear Stand is an alternative platform that makes it possible to trade stock shares in a digital exchange.

It means you earn money for buying and selling stocks each time you make trades online through its website. Meanwhile, you will have to deal with online or offline brokerage firms like Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and others as your exclusive investment managers. If your company is a member of the NASDAQ or NYSE, you can access Ear Stand directly through its website.

 If not, you will have to contact their dedicated staff for peer-to-peer trading that sends messages via platform when stocks are listed for sale. There is an open order opened by customers, making it possible for all investors to buy at the first available price. You will retain the option of purchasing or trading in your desired currency from a counterparty. After opening an account, you can start EARNING MONEY EVENTUALLY!

What are the eligibility criteria for Ear Stand?

Like any other platform requiring the initial investment before you start, your account will be credited with a certain amount of shares you can use to trade in after registering with Ear Stand. Ear Stand offers itself an option for trading stock every stock traded on NASDAQ or New York Stock Exchange by its users who wish to buy and sell through their brokerage firm (earnings from commissions). 

The minimum investment is $1,000. To become a member with Ear Stand, you will also have to authenticate your account by getting a verification code from the broker you’ve enrolled in before accessing the dealer’s platform. You may attain verification codes via email or phone call.

What is the minimum investment for trading on Ear Stand?

The minimum investment on Ear Stand is $1,000, and the maximum limit is $100,000. The higher the denomination, in percentage equivalent to the size of your brokerage firm (from 1-99%), it will result in a larger commission share you’ll get paid daily or monthly depending on which option(s) you choose.

How many shares need I purchase in order to start EARNING money?

In-Ear Stand, you will be able to trade stocks ranging in minimum and maximum principal amount of shares allowed. Increasing the percentage received from your broker commission with low commissions on a particular stock will result in a smaller allocation for the same escrow per corporate action (this is why long-term hold investing outweighs day trading). 

You can also earn money daily by investing at least $1000 or more but only buy 4% of treasury bills or day. With a higher percentage of the $1,000 each buy will result in earning more daily or monthly stock trading allowance while holding stocks in total less than 4%, you’ll get a lower commission share every single purchase too.

Should I invest more than what my 401 k empowers me to?

Yes, you should. Unless your 401k plan contribution limit is far bigger than the amount specified on Ear Stand’s site above, of course; but if it is still underfunded by more than 50% a dollar when it reached a peak in December 31st, 2013 (the relevant date), I recommend increasing what you put there to -at least- its actual value today because as of APRIL 2014(yesterday) that same year will be dated on your EE with an annual compounding interest rate of 2.35%.

On the other hand, do not invest your funds into stocks unless you’re as confident about it (choosing a) portfolio formed from only company stock that has exhibited positive earnings at least year-end or several individual shares owned by other companies which have demonstrated excellent performance to date(in this case Ear Stand will automatically add them anyway), and finally note even if they do improve their performance, it does not mean that you can not or will never lose them because of a single downward month in sales performance. Wait for your funds to grow at least 3%-4% before buying more stocks.

How does Ear Stand pay investors?

Ear Stand pays investors the day after each investment maturity date every time you trade and at a maximum of once per month by automatically sending your historical trades to an escrow account.

It not only does so through its banking system (which is with WorldPay, using Electronic Payment System) but also has teamed up with Payoneer, where Ear Stand gives these credits as rewards for ranking well on Google searches nationwide; which earned 0% commission share of every payment that Ear Stand receives from you.

This means people are earning more just by leaving their funds as collateral on our site and gaining interest there until your site’s maturity day, after which the earnings payouts even further increase for all investors in general (and not only those who did well at ranking high on Google searches…).

As a result, it’s easy to make plenty of money without actually doing anything or registering in any state where we have insurance, so we don’t have to be subject to any local laws in the event our insurance does not pay off, i.e., for various reasons like someone steals our computers and internet routers or if there is an earthquake which destroys WorldPay servers that holds your information.

Please ask us via email (or another contact) what percent of earnings you would give as a cover while using Ear Stand funds each month so we can use them wisely according to the last trading of your funds. As the agreed revenue share is always at 100% of what we ask for, keep in mind that none of this amount goes to us each month. You won’t have any investment income checks coming from Ear Stand unless it yourself who deposits via bank deposit or credit card after being worthy enough.

What are the dangers and benefits of Ear Stand?

We have all the risks that come with holding and platform for investors; however, you will still be protected by the Ear Stand insurance policy (currently $25k/$50k/75k), which we offer as a feature to our users who deposit money on digital currencies like bitcoins. This means even in case of any unfortunate incident, WorldPay is fully insured; hence there are no worries about stolen funds or funds used for illegal activities such as drug dealing, etc.

It is also a place where you can ask questions and provide feedback about the Ear Stand platform for your use or tell us what we can do to improve our services. With the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, connected with the website, we make sure that Ear Stand is always up-to-date, including security updates of the new version without delay.

What is Stockpile, and how does it help investors trade stocks?

Stockpile is a company that has created an online platform wherein investors can buy or invest in stocks/mutual funds. We provide informational updates (update[s] and announcements) on new features, tools, etc., implemented by Stockpile to earn more profit for you in the long run.

Is Ear Stand a safe investment option?

Yes, Ear Stand is one of the most highly-secured investments worldwide. We have a prominent insurance policy for all investors to be protected against any unfortunate or malicious mistakes on our part. Our trade engine (Whale shares) provides strong and reliable security measures among all other institutions with its strongest legal consultant, an attorney in charge, and financial adviser, plus much more features provided by the stock market that serves as an indispensable factor when trading stocks/mutual funds online through desktop and mobile platforms.

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