These Pages Aren’t Able To Be Merged Because They’re Part Of Different Business Manager Accounts. How To Fix It?

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The Facebook page allows businesses, brands, and companies to connect with customers and potential customers. Many brands or businesses may have more than one Facebook page or duplicate pages that were created by others. If this is the case, you may claim additional Facebook pages and join the page with your primary page to eliminate the confusion. In the past, there have been a lot of Facebook users who have had issues when merging two Facebook pages. Pages can’t be joined because they are part of different Business Manager accounts, which is one of the most common messages.

The primary reason behind the notification above is the merge option is only available to similar Facebook pages. If you try to combine two distinct Facebook pages, you will be notified of this message. If you’re trying to combine two Facebook pages, make sure that they promote the same thing and share the same names and addresses. Additionally, you have to be the person who owns the page on Facebook that has the most number of likes since the page with fewer likes will be joined with the one with the most likes. That’s the sole option, and you cannot reverse it.

How to Find a Solution to “These Pages aren’t Merged because they’re part of different Management Accounts for Business.”

If you’re experiencing this issue, the Facebook pages you’re trying to join aren’t identical. If you wish to avoid this issue, you must ensure the two Facebook pages are –

1. Same name

2. Similar categories

3. Similar to the goal

4. Same address

If both pages satisfy the requirements above, then follow the steps below:

1. On your personal computer, first open the web browser and then access

2. Log in now to your Facebook account.

3. Then go to

4. From the available pages, select the two pages you wish to merge.

5. To continue, click Continue after selecting the two pages.

6. Choose the Facebook Page you want to keep and click”Keep Page. The “Keep Page” button

7. Confirm the request to merge with a click of”Request Merge” or the “Request Merge” button

8. If the merge is successful, you will receive a Merge Request Successful message.

The Importance Of Merging Facebook Pages

It is crucial to comprehend the reasons behind merging the two Facebook pages. The main reasons for merging Facebook pages include:

1. If you’ve lost the admin rights, then merging pages can help you get back the page role the previous page

2. If someone attempts to steal the business’s corporate identity through fake websites, margins on the page will stop it.

3. You can resolve the issue of having more than two pages for the same business

4. Combining pages creates one central point for customers to communicate with your business and to collect data

5. The merging of Facebook pages is easy because the moment you join two Facebook pages, your entire business will be on one page, and you’ll be able to maintain your branding

6. Two pages that are combined can create better visuals for small-sized businesses.

7. If your page on Facebook isn’t local and users are creating new pages or locations for your business, The merging of your Facebook page will fix the issue.

Things To Consider Before Merging Facebook Pages

If you are considering merging two Facebook pages, there are some crucial factors to consider first. Here are some tips!

1. You must be the administrator of both Facebook pages if you wish to merge them.

2. Each page must be named the same and should represent similar things. If the names differ, then you must change their names so that they remain the identical

3. When the page is local, both pages need to have the identical address

4. If merge isn’t available for Facebook pages, then they do not qualify to merge. However, you may request a review from Facebook in this case.

5. The details, description, web address, number of phone address, description and address should be the same on the two pages.

6. You must maintain your most followed and most liked Facebook page.

7. Make a copy of the Facebook page that you want to merge as a backup

8. Once the merge has been completed, Create a pinned blog post to spread awareness of the merging of both pages.

You Join Two Facebook Pages, But What Happens?

If you join two Facebook pages, everything on the combined page will be transferred onto the primary page. Nevertheless, it is possible to remove all photos, posts, reviews, ratings, and usernames from the merged page. Therefore, when you merge two pages, the usernames, reviews, and posts will be deleted.

1. All followers of that page will be merged into a verified Facebook page.

2. All likes and check-ins on that duplicate Facebook page be merged into the verified Facebook page.

3. All reviews will be added to the verified Facebook page.

4. The page that has been merged has been removed from Facebook

How To Report A Duplicate Facebook Page

If you find an unrelated Facebook page for your company, you can quickly make a report. The procedure is simple. Here are the steps of the procedure:

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